7-inch Pumpkin Pie

7-inch pumpkin pie

The seasonal pie for November is an obvious choice -- it has to be pumpkin! I may have made a pumpkin pie in the past, but I'm not positive. I have a vague memory of cooking a pumpkin and actually making the pumpkin puree myself, and totally thinking it was not worth the trouble. If America's Test Kitchen says to go ahead and buy the canned pumpkin, I'll take that particular shortcut.

I really like the way this pie turned out, and it was really easy to make. The hardest part was finding that point between underdone and overdone.

Slice of 7-inch pumpkin pie

For the filling, I adapted the Woodland Bakery World's Best Pumpkin Pie recipe by cutting it in half (which was the perfect amount for my 7-inch pie plate) and using freshly-milled soft white wheat flour. It was ridiculously easy to mix up and bake. For the crust, I used the same basic formula and technique as with my 7-inch Apple Pie, except used half shortening and half butter instead of all shortening, and cut the ingredient amounts in half since I wasn't doing a double crust.

I'm no pumpkin pie connoisseur, so I can't say whether it was the world's best, but it was very good. It's on the mild side, spice-wise. But it's not overly sweet, which is nice. There's an America's Test Kitchen pumpkin pie recipe I have my eye on as well with slightly different ingredients and I'd be tempted to make that one next time to see if it has a more intense flavor.