Gingersnap Pear Tart

gingersnap pear tart

For this month's pie I wanted to use up those gingersnaps that have been lurking in the freezer. And since pears are in season this time of year, I settled a Gingersnap Pear Tart.

I chose this recipe from Taste of Home and made a few adjustments (including doubling the crust measurements and using all regular cream cheese). Cream cheese isn't something that's normally kept around in my house, and using that much of it felt a little…wrong, or at least over-the-top indulgent. But since it's a rarity I decided to give it a go.


Gingersnap Pear Tart

Process notes

  • used homemade gingerbread cookies that had baked too chewy to eat
  • doubled crust by increasing it to 2 c cookie crumbs and 4 tbls butter
  • used soft white wheat flour instead of all purpose flour
gingersnap pear tart


While it's called a tart, it basically tastes like a cheesecake. A really delicious cheesecake. My pears weren't quite ripe, which was a bummer because they didn't add much flavor to the tart. Adding some almond oil would have improved the situation.

Also, because of the way my gingersnap cookies had been made originally (too much butter) they made the crust tough and chewy. This wasn't great from a texture standpoint, but didn't diminish how great the tart tasted.