7-inch Double Crust Peach Pie

Whole wheat peach pie

"Blueberry blackberry."
"Blackberry boysenberry."
"Boysenberry huckleberry."
"Huckleberry raspberry."
"Raspberry strawberry."
"Strawberry cranberry."

As I was making my seasonal pie for June -- peach -- Seinfeld was playing on DVD (as it often is when I'm choosing what's on TV). And by coincidence, it was the "Bubble Boy" episode where George and Jerry rattle off the kinds of pie Kramer would find out on the country. I took this as a good omen. However, Seinfeld is on so regularly that my subconscious tends to predict what scenes are coming up next…

Peaches have been coming on sale at the grocery store, and it's one I haven't made before so it sounded like a refreshing summer treat.

Whole wheat peach pie with vanilla ice cream
A slice of summer


Peach Pie Recipe from Taste of Home

Process notes

  • cut recipe in half for a 7-inch pie tin
  • used freshly-milled soft white wheat flour
  • rolled out a flat sheet for the top crust and cut vents instead of making a lattice
  • baked for 30 min at 375°, then 35 at 400°


After putting the prepared peach filling into the crust, I was a little nervous about how small the pile was. I know with fruit pies the filling shrinks quite a bit, and I was really wishing I'd upped the peach slices. And after baking and cooling the pie, the pie was quite sunken in, making the peach filling rather paltry.

The sauce and crust overpowered the peaches, so if I were to make this again I'd leave everything the same but use close to double the amount of peach slices and a bit more lemon juice.

But instead of making peach pie again it's more likely that I'd make a peach crisp. I'm realizing through this fruit-pie-making journey that I tend to like sliced fruits in the form of crisps, and my pies more chocolatey.