Whole grain flatbreads using pizza dough recipe

whole grain pizza dough flatbread

One of my new goals is to find a cooking and baking rhythm through meal planning and prep. So I've been collecting recipes and revisiting some of my favorite food blogs like Budget Bytes, where I found this delicious-looking Spinach Feta Grilled Cheese. My plan was to prep the ingredients for these sandwiches, pack them with some veggies for my husband's work lunches, and eat them myself all week.

whole grain pizza dough flatbread

Instead of using ciabatta rolls, I made a batch of flatbreads using the pizza dough recipe from my grain mill baking book, dividing the dough into 9 pieces. After rolling them flat I let them rise for a bit on parchment-lined baking sheets but didn't worry about getting much lift like with a pizza crust. I forgot to write down what temp I baked the flatbreads at, but it was probably around 400°. I took them out after they looked set, but didn't brown.

My sandwiches were filled with sauteed spinach and garlic seasoned with red pepper flakes, topped with some feta, and toasted in the cast iron skillet. I was super happy with how deliciously they turned out! For my husband's sandwiches that he took to work, I added some cooked shredded chicken to the spinach and topped with Swiss cheese. It wasn't until Friday when he was home for lunch that he got to taste one of the toasted versions and he did comment that the toasted version was yummier. I had a feeling! I was grateful each day I made mine that I got to enjoy that version.

whole grain pizza dough flatbreads meal prep for lunches
I used these pizza dough flatbreads for our lunches this week and they worked great!

This pizza dough recipe is so versatile — and I loved the way it crisped up in the cast iron skillet. I think I'll be making these again, but would consider doubling the recipe.