My year of seasonal pies

7-inch blueberry pie with ice cream

It's so rewarding to look back on the last year of pies and think about all of the different types I experienced -- from different dough for the crust, to varied fillings. Experimenting with ingredients for the dough was my primary focus, and in the end I think the first one (the Blueberry Pie) was the best crust.

As far as my favorite pie overall goes, hands down it was the Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel. It was rather experimental, combining ideas from different recipes, and the results were pretty exciting. That flavor combo can't really be beat. But I think the Strawberry Crumble Pie made the prettiest picture.

I love using the little 7-inch pie tin because it doesn't make a boatload of pie. And a boatload of pie is just too much for two people. My original little pie tin was made of something that rusted and was a pain to maintain, so when I stumbled upon an aluminum one at the thrift store, my pie-making happiness quotient got a big boost.

The biggest bummer of the whole experience was that sour cherries and rhubarb never came in season in the Southwest. Boo! My Midwestern upbringing taught me that summer was for rhubarb and sour cherries, so I'm definitely holding a grudge about that.